Thermal Environmental Engineering GmbH

Know-How for clean solutions


TEE Office building Monheim / Germany

Know-How for clean solutions

Thermal                Treatment of pollutants and waste products

        Environmental  friendly Technology

                 Engineering        focussed on client need

These are the targets of TEE´s activities in several buisness fields.

TEE is located in Monheim between the cities of Dusseldorf and Cologne close to the Rhine river.

Our Team of engineers and designer concentrated on developing the most practical and efficient solution to achieve incineration and heat recovery under best economical and environmental friendly conditions.

After final set up and commissioning TEE provide also necessary  Service, inspection and After- Sale- Support to keep the unit running under safe, stable and efficient conditions for long term use.

Manufacturing of equipment and after sales service


Based on their many years of experience, our engineers have the know-how on power plants.

Some of the systems we are involved are:

  • Fuel oil systems such as pumping stations, etc.
  • Air and flue gas systems, such as ventilators, desulphurization systems
  • Steam and condensate systems such as steam reducing station, feed water tank and pumps, etc.
  • Boiler equipment, such as burners, burner management, soot blowers, furnace camera, etc.
  • Other power plant equipment and systems, such as emergency power plant, compressor station, and many others
  • Control and instrumentation of all systems including analyzers







29.11.2017, 09:03

Seasons Greetings

We are taking a company holiday from 22.12.2017 to 07.01.2018. We would like to thank our customers and suppliers for a successful and trustful cooperation in 2017. We wish you happy and peaceful holidays...   mehr


We move in our new building

New postal address: TEE - Thermal Environmental Engineering Rheinpromenade 9 40789 Monheim Germany   mehr


New office building

Well the first step is done. The new building will be constructed. Check our publication from time to time and you'll see how quickly precedes everything. You can visit us in our new office on December 20th...   mehr


TEE move from Neuss to Monheim

New postal address: TEE - Thermal Environmental Engineering Rheinpromenade 4 40789 Monheim Germany   mehr


ZANNI+PARTNER Ltd. started its first projects with TEE

Incineration plants and heat exchangers for the Arab market. Fluidized bed furnace for solid and liquid waste. Capacity 400-600 kg / h. Combustion temperatures up to 1300 ° C. Duration of the project about...   mehr

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