Thermal Environmental Engineering GmbH

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Ideas become reality

New ideas - also born in discussion with clients- have to be confirmed in lab-test-studies to provide a solid basis for further commercial installation.  

Test unit to confirm calculated and expected heat transfer


TEE invest a large part of resources to the development and improvement of our products.
A good example of our development activities are for example the Moving Grate solutions of the group.
The former Moving Grate solution was a static floor design that has only moved the burning waste due to a simple feed device.
Now we have developed a special nozzle system for this grate floor and have achieved a much better combustion.
Hundreds of nozzles are able to mix the waste on the grate already before the feed device is moving the waste floor by floor.

The new grate technology is able to burn everything that is combustible in a significantly shorter time.

That reduced the environmental impact and saves a lot of energy.
A great asset is also that the grate floors are easily replaceable, so that downtimes are reduced.

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